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DSCN01272013 Downtown Elgin Harvest Market

Our Mission:
The Harvest market offers and encourages locally grown and sustainably produced food, provides an outlet for educational opportunities on sustainable practices and healthy living, supports local artists and community organizations, and cultivates a welcoming and entertaining public space atmosphere for people to shop.

To that end the Market strives to continue to:

  • Establish a venue for local and regional growers, producers, and artisans to sell their product
  • Encourage one on one interaction
  • Serve as a viable economic opportunity for small local enterprises
  • Foster an environment of accessibility with location, hours, a token system for customers to use their Link and credit cards, and kid friendly activities
  • Provide an educational forum for consumers of all ages and backgrounds when it comes to food, local, health, and sustainability
  • Enhance the community atmosphere, networking, and socialization with music, places to sit, and activities to engage in
  • Showcase Downtown Elgin amenities like our public facilities, the Fox River, the Fox River Trail bike path, and our urban downtown

New to our market?  Have questions?  Along with checking out the rest of our website and/or Facebook page to get a better feel for who we are, please check below for common questions asked. Of course you can also email our market manager Jennifer Benson as well at

Thanks to all our loyal vendors who have helped make this market what it is, and to new vendors – welcome!


When does your market start and where is it?
This year’s season will run 18 weeks, beginning Thursday, June 6 and will run through Thursday, October 3 with our new times 9am – 2pm. It is located at 200 N. Grove Avenue, Elgin, IL 60120 in Downtown Elgin across from the Gail Borden Public Library, Centre of Elgin, and the Hemmens Cultural Center.

How much does it cost for a space and what do I get for it?
We have three payment options a small business can choose from to be present at our market:

  • Early deadline rate April 1, 2013: $275.00 for the 18 week season. (Only $15.28 a week). After April 1, 2013 the season rate goes up to $350.00.
    This option gets the business early publicity, in market marketing pieces, free workshop in setting up a Facebook page, a set booth space( 10′ x 10′) for the season, and the best savings.
  • Sign up for the weekly rate: $30.00 (One saves $190-$290 if one pays for the whole season before June 6)
    This option is a good way to try out the market and get a 10′ x 10′ booth space.
  • Sign up for the custom rate: Sign up for 4 weeks or more in advance and get 25% off
    This option is also good for trying out the market, getting a 10′ x 10′ space, and saving some money by giving in advance commitment.

Extra costs would be electric for $50 for the season or $5 per market day.  If your business needs more than one 10′ x 10′ tent  there is a one time charge of $25 per extra space.

As I fill out the online application what can I expect that my business will be required to provide besides its basic info?

  • We have a required EBT/Link Agreement Form for all of our vendors to fill out and agree to.
  • As a business you will be required to provide a copy of your certificate of liability insurance.  Click HERE to see sample.
  • All vendors selling food products must contact Brad Bohner of the City of Elgin Health Division at or at 847.931.5934 to obtain, if any, necessary seasonal temporary food permits. The Health Division will schedule an inspection of your food booth and accept payment for your permit upon approval of your application. Food vendors with a valid 2013 Kane County seasonal temporary permit must also complete and submit an Elgin Health Division seasonal temporary food vendor application and pass inspection, but will not be charged an additional fee for the City of Elgin permit.
  • As a business you will need to agree to the Downtown Elgin Harvest Market Rules & Guidelines, which states your business falls within our guidelines and that your business and its employees will follow our rules/guidelines at the market.

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