National Food Day (Oct. 24) in Elgin

1397503_10151660232177124_1167075345_o-1Don’t miss celebrating local food on “National Food Day” which is Thursday, October 24!  Food Day is a nationwide celebration and a movement for healthy, affordable, and sustainable food. Celebrate good food here in Elgin at Advocate Sherman Hospital from 11am – 2pm during you lunch break. There will be a mini market with some of your favorite market vendors (Troggs Hollow Farm (Produce), Gramp’s Gourmet (Pickles), Early Bird Farm (Pork), and Breadsmith), plus lunch specials at their cafe, Master gardeners and dietitians on hand to answer your questions, information about Sherman’s community gardens, Shared Harvest Cooperative and Food for Greater Elgin, plus a fun raffle if you stop at all booths!


This is Not Goodbye

med_resI find this to be an interesting time for our weekday market, as we wrap up our final market for 2013 this Thursday, October 3, 9am – 2pm.  It feels like we end at the tail end of the first wave of markets that close up during the fall.  Most weekend markets go until Halloween and soon several winter markets will be cropping up for the holidays. So even though we close I still see evidence of harvest and bounty all around us. I also get a bit saddened that I will not have the weekly frequency of seeing the people, businesses, and organizations I have come to enjoy.  But most of me is excited as most of our vendors you can still get items from all winter long(stay tuned next week as we make our website easier to get a hold of those vendors.).  Plus several of them you will see at Sherman Hospital’s National Food Day market that will be on Thursday, October 24, 11am – 2pm.(More info to follow as well).  Plus there is the fun and joy of planning, recruiting, and getting ready for the 2014 season.  So this is not a goodbye but a temporary shift to other local venues to continue the local foods and local business movement.  See you around Downtown Elgin!

Last update of 2013 of what expect to see, hear, and do at our last market this Thursday:

  • Store up on items for the winter to eat and can from produce, meat, honey, soap, spices, or pick up art, get a bite to eat, or get your knives sharpened by Tony!
  • Get signed up with your vendor to be on their mailing list and get updates or grab a business card (Check out our market website next week with updates on how to contact your favorite market vendors during the winter if applicable)
  • Live Music: James Clipper & Band 11am – 1pm
  • Various health screenings will be available with Alexian Brothers Health Systems and Judge Family Chiropractic, Arborist Bob from Davey Tree will be on hand, and new this week will be The Ecker Center toting their “Festival of Trees” event.