DSC_0351200 North Grove Avenue (parking lot), Downtown Elgin, IL 60120, USA

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You can get there by:

  • Walking: Situated in the northwest part of Downtown Elgin, sidewalks are on two sides of the site and also go across Kimball Avenue. Perfect mode of transportation for those who work in Downtown Elgin or were already planning on going to the Centre, Hemmens, or Gail Borden Public library.
  • Biking: The Fox River Trail goes right by the west side of the market along the Fox River, so stop by, get a snack, and peruse as you walk your bike through the market.
  • Carpooling: Free parking is located onsite and at the Centre parking garage.
  • Bus: The #541 PACE bus goes by the market, stopping on N. Grove in front of the Gail Borden Public Library.  It goes by every 30 minutes. Or walk along the scenic Fox River Trail bike path from the PACE transportation Center – 102 West Chicago Street.
  • Train: The Chicago Street METRA station is located four to five blocks away from the market site.  Either drive, take the bus, or walk the rest of the way for scrumptious purchases.
  • Boat: Located next to the Kimball Bridge Dam in Downtown Elgin, boats are more than welcome to tie up their boat along the shore north of the dam next to the Gail Borden Public Library or south of the dam across from the North end of Walton Island.

2 thoughts on “Directions

    • Wow. Yes that would be a good idea to have a map wouldn’t it?:) Thanks for the suggestion due to our oversight – we will at least link it to one for now and see about putting an actual one in. Thanks!

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