Investigating The Food Gap Research

Hello all from Wisconsin!

This is Zoe Clemmons the Marketing & Sustainability Associate from this past summer at the market. All summer long I was working on a report that explored the complexities of local food in Kane County. My research stems from talking to farmers at the market, to state reports and proposals for food hubs. My research came into fruition in mid August and here I will post it as a PDF for all to see. What I hope that people understand from my report is the great efforts in our county that are being made, but also a lot of the barriers that are holding us back. The main thing I hope people gain from my report is how important farmers are needed to sustain our local foods system.

Thanks to everyone at the market who gave me great insights, and I had an amazing summer!

The Complexities of Local Food

Sincerely Sustainable,

Zoe Clemmons
Marketing & Sustainability Associate
Public Relations Major
Environment, Society, and Culture Minor
University of Wisconsin Eau Claire

chippewa river

Chippewa River,

Eau Claire Wisconsin


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